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When You're Young: (The Impelled Series-Prequel)

When You're Young: (The Impelled Series-Prequel)

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Author: Sarah Welk Baynum 

Paperback: 210 pages
Size: 6 x 9 inches

Sixteen year old Emma Walker’s world revolves around one thing: horses.

When Emma isn’t navigating her junior year of high school with her two best friends at her side, she is riding or working her horses board off at the barn.

There is one thing that taints a perfect day at the barn though – the barn owners son, Luke, and his posse of infuriating friends.

To make matters worse, Luke attends her high school and is friends with Emma’s former friend, and now sworn rival, Jaclyn Alcott. As if juggling horses and high school isn’t hard enough, Jaclyn seems to have made it her mission to make Emma’s life all but miserable both at school and at horse shows.

But after being forced into accidental close proximity with Luke, Emma begins to realize there might be more to him than she’s always assumed.

Too bad there isn’t a world in which she and Luke can publicly be friends – let alone anything more.

But Emma is about to learn that keeping secrets about Luke isn’t her only problem. Namely, unraveling the mystery of his long lost mother and being pulled into dangerous situations regarding Luke’s family secrets.

This prequel to “The Impelled Series” is set in the past and tells Emma’s story during her teen years. The prequel features first love, secrets, horses, enemies-to-lovers romance, suspense, humor, and a mystery that will keep the pages turning.

Clean equestrian fiction & romantic suspense series with no sexual content or foul language. Suitable for young adults and adults. The book series is intended to be read sequentially, however this prequel novel can be read first or as a standalone.

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