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Trick Training Your Horse To Success

Trick Training Your Horse To Success

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Author: Jan E Sharp

Paperback - 6"x 9" - 154 pages

New Edition. 

A step-by-step guide, by world champion trainer Jan Sharp, to teaching your horse to perform tricks, including objectives, benefits, and the typical problems and their solutions. Training a trick horse is not that much different that teaching him to perform a showmanship pattern or to negotiate a trail course. You are simply taking the training a step further by asking the horse to be a little more of everything - a little more focused, a little more obedient, more trusting, more responsive, and so on. And, in return, you are increasing your horse's trainability and predictability (not to mention marketability) in a unique and fun way - for both you and your horse! 

The trust and cooperation developed though trick training will last a lifetime. The training produces a more responsive, willing, confident, and happy performer, which in turn will help give your horse an edge in the show ring, as well as being a safer trail and family companion. Detailed ground work is included that will help solve some of the most common equine bad behaviors and better prepare your horse for learning, especially for the young, unhandled, or spoiled horse. Detailed photos and easy to follow instructions walk you through each step of the training. In addition to the pride and sense of accomplishment gained by trick-training your horse, it is impossible not to develop a deeper bond after the close contact and extra training time you will spend with him. You will enjoy him more, take greater pride in him, and perhaps provide that extra care to make him as happy and healthy in his body, mind, and soul as he can be. Your horse will be such a joy to work with that your veterinarian and farrier will thank you! Be inspired to think outside the box, and use the techniques in training trick horses to achieve the results you desire in your horse. Who doesn't want a horse that is more responsive and more attuned to your voice, body language, and aids, no matter what your horse's breed, discipline, or career might be? 

The tricks covered are: Bow, Rear, Lie Down, Circus Bow, Buck Jump, Give You A Hug, Cross Legs, Spanish Walk, Push Objects, Honk A Horn, Horse Laugh, Yes And No, Pick Up Objects, Stand On A Pedestal, Sit Down From A Stand, and Sit Up From Lying Down.Case studies feature real life problem horses and how trick training turned them into superstars - in the show ring, on the trail, and especially in their owner's heart. Each horse pictured is not only a high-schooled public exhibition trick horse, but also a champion in the show ring. Jan's trick horses have earned multiple world championships in all disciplines, been featured in magazines, and television commercials. Her Supreme Champion stallion, TS Black Tie Affair, was honored by the Breyer Company with a model in his likeness.
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