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The Makeover Horse (Ocala Horse Girls Book #5)

The Makeover Horse (Ocala Horse Girls Book #5)

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Author Natalie Keller Reinert

Book 5 of 5: Ocala Horse Girls: Equestrian Sports Romance
Mackenzie's life needs a complete makeover. Just like her retired racehorse.
Halfway between a quarter-life crisis and a midlife one -- that's where you'll find Mackenzie O'Neill. With the glitter of West Palm Beach and the debris of a failed marriage in her truck's rear-view mirror, she's heading to North Florida to start over as a groom for show-jumper Basil Han and his girlfriend, Kayla Moore (The Sweetheart Horse).

With her, she brings a retired racehorse she loves with all her heart, and her hope of taking him to the Thoroughbred Makeover competition in Kentucky. Oh, and a lot of emotional baggage about controlling men. She's looking forward to healing and personal growth on a quiet farm.

She didn't know about the farrier renting stalls and an apartment in the same barn where she'll be living and working.

As Mackenzie works on repairing her life and retraining her off-track Thoroughbred, she finds it harder and harder to resist this quiet giant of a man, who rehabs racehorses with a gentle hand. But she knows better than to let a charming man past her defenses. Even one who lives just across the barn aisle.

Even one who might be her only hope to get her beloved ex-racehorse to the Thoroughbred Makeover.

Book Five in the heartwarming Ocala Horse Girls series brings back old friends and introduces new ones in a relatable, emotional, and thoroughly horsey adventure! Combining the best of romantic comedy and women's fiction, the Ocala Horse Girls are full of fun, heart, and friendship.

Paperback 392 pages
Size 5.5 x 8.5 inches

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