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The Horse Encyclopedia

The Horse Encyclopedia

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Author - Elwyn Hartley Edwards 

Hardcover - 360 pages
Size - 9.5 x 11.5 inches

A definitive visual guide to horses and ponies includes a list of over 150 different breeds and types, including all those recognized by national horse societies. This stunning volume is the perfect reference guide for horse lovers of all ages!

Inside the pages of this horse encyclopedia, you’ll find:

   • A comprehensive horse compendium.
   • Expert care advice on keeping, feeding, grooming and caring for horses.
   • Panels on famous breeds, or individual horses, owners, riders or breeders.

Everything about horses!

From tiny ponies to heavy draft horses and speedy thoroughbreds, horses are among the most influential animals in human history. The Horse Encyclopedia explores the evolution and anatomy of the horse and its place in history, art and culture.  

Gorgeous photography of horse breeds worldwide is accompanied by knowledgeable text describing the origins, history and characteristics of a definitive list of horses and ponies. This  encyclopedia also includes expert advice on horse care, including feeding and grooming and horse health.

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