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Team Roping with Jake and Clay

Team Roping with Jake and Clay

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Author: Fran Devereaux Smith.

Jake Barnes and Clay O'Brien Cooper, a legendary header-heeler team, have earned seven world titles together. In this book they share their secrets of success.

Chapter titles:

  • Head Ropes
  • Heel Ropes
  • Handling the Head Rope
  • Handling the Heel Rope
  •  Roping the Head Dummy
  • Roping the Heel Dummy
  • The Head Horse
  • The Heel Horse
  • Gear and Equipment
  • Horsemanship and the Header
  • Horsemanship and the Heeler
  • Roping Steers
  • Heading Practice
  • Heeling Practice
  • Playing by the Rules
  • Competitive Teamwork
  • A Perspective.

 224 pages.


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