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Taking Off (Book 3 of 3: Equestrian Romance Series)

Taking Off (Book 3 of 3: Equestrian Romance Series)

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Author: Laurie Berglie

Paperback: 218 pages
Size: 5.25 x 8 inches

Book 3 of 3: Equestrian Romance Series

Taking Off, the third installment in the Equestrian Romance Series, takes a deeper look into the life of Erin Sorrenson. This novel begins not long after Kicking On ends, and Erin is now newly-divorced and feeling lost. Even though she recognizes that the divorce was necessary, she is having difficulty moving past the intense guilt she harbors inside. However, instead of dwelling on things she cannot change, Erin takes a leap of faith and applies to be a working student for a professional eventer in Virginia. This was an opportunity she missed out on when she was younger, and she’s determined not to have any more regrets. Erin packs her bags and loads up her horse, Jazzy, and heads south for the winter to reclaim some distant dreams. While she expects to work hard and ride even harder, she doesn’t expect to find romance quite so soon, nor does she expect to find her new path in life. But will painful memories from her past prevent Erin from truly moving on?
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