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Tagger Herd Vol 9 - Nikki Tagger, Changing Times

Tagger Herd Vol 9 - Nikki Tagger, Changing Times

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by Gini Roberge

The Tagger Family rescued a small herd of horses in book one of the series. Each book follows the rehabilitation of the horses from a different family members point of view. It's more than just the horses; it's about family too. Book Nine is our second look at the herds (horse and human) from Nikki Tagger's point of view. Changes are inevitable in life but for Nikki they send her on an emotional rollercoaster. College graduation, her dream job is gone, and a death cause her father’s lives in Australia and Idaho to collide. Life changing secrets come to light and she depends on family to help her through.

Paperback: 218 pages



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