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Tagger Herd Vol 5 - Reilly Morgan

Tagger Herd Vol 5 - Reilly Morgan

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by Gini Roberge

The fifth book in the series centers around Reilly Morgan, the stable manager's son. It's a look at the Taggers from the outside. After the devastating loss of his wife when Reilly was only five years old, Jack Morgan moved to Idaho to start a new life and became the manager of The Stables, the business owned by the Taggers. For eight years Reilly has called Idaho home and the Taggers his extended family; Grace Tagger is his best friend. Life is good for Reilly. His dad buys him his first truck the same weekend he meets Kelly, the summer help at The Stables. Then…it all goes downhill when he hears his dad is moving them back to their Texas family, away from the Taggers and the Tagger herd.

Paperback: 184 pages



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