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The Tagger Herd - Collection One

The Tagger Herd - Collection One

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Author Gini Roberge 

Compilation of Books 1-5 of The Tagger Herd Series


Newly widowed Cora Smith has learned her late husband may have purchased animals,  but she hasn't been home since before his death. A business card from his wallet leads her to call the Tagger family horse stables for help. It's the phone call that changes the Tagger family forever. Dru Tagger volunteers her nieces, nephew and the stable manager's son to ride with her to check on the woman's remote Idaho property.

What they find leads them into a desperate race to rescue a small herd of horses. They fight to keep them alive and unravel the mystery of why he bought the horses without telling anyone. And what is Cora's Gift?



Horses, cows, trucks, and tractors...who wouldn't love the ranch life! Wade Tagger is livin' the life until an accident threatens to take it all away. When he refuses to discuss what happened, the family tries to unravel the mystery of the accident while facing the life or death surgery of Wade's rescued horse, Rooster.


Nikki deals with two mysteries over the holiday vacation. Her adopted mother, Dru tells her the new client has the same unique name as her birth mother. The two women investigate the stranger; is she or isn't she? If she is, does she know?

Rescued horse Arcturus is losing weight, and Nikki needs to find the reason why before the mystery illness becomes life-threatening.


It's branding week at the ranch, Sadie's favorite time of the year and this is the year she is old enough to help with the cattle roundup. It starts out well...but then...

The Tagger Herd is healthy enough for training and a horse meeting is called to decide if each horse is with the right rider in the best discipline for the horse. Scarecrow has been Nora's responsibility but Sadie loves the big palomino and dreams of barrel racing with her. When Nora's selfishness drives Sadie over the edge, her temper takes over with disastrous consequences.


Life is good for Reilly. He's riding in the mountains, training for the rodeo with his rescued horses, Rufio and Cooper, and his dad buys him his first truck the same weekend he meets Kelly, the summer help at The Stables. all goes downhill when he hears his dad is moving them to Texas, away from the Tagger family and the Tagger herd.

Paperback  646 pages
Size 6 x 9 inches 

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