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Sunset at Catoctin Creek (Catoctin Creek - Book 1)

Sunset at Catoctin Creek (Catoctin Creek - Book 1)

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Author: Natalie Keller Reinert

Paperback 367 pages
Size: 5.25 x 8 inches

Sparks fly when opposites attract in this sweet country romance!

Rosemary is content with her life in the sleepy Maryland backwater of Catoctin Creek. Sure, things can be lonely for a woman all alone on a farm, but she has her horses, the elderly neighbors she’s known her entire life, and her best friend Nikki, who is always happy to drop by with take-out from the Blue Plate Diner and the latest town gossip. If nothing in her life ever changes again, Rosemary will be perfectly happy.

Then, Rosemary met Stephen.

Stephen isn’t sure what he finds more upsetting about Catoctin Creek: the heavy country silence or the pitch-black nights. A trip that began as a quick visit to his ailing father has turned into a long-term nightmare with no end in sight.  His glittering life back in Manhattan is calling his name, but, unfortunately, his phone isn’t ringing with any job offers. If he can’t finagle a deal that puts him back on the map with his old investment pals, Stephen is going to lose his mind.

Then, Stephen met Rosemary.

When Stephen lands on a plan to get back to New York, he can’t see any downsides to the deal. But all Rosemary sees is the end of her peaceful country life and hard-won happiness. She can’t see why he won’t leave well enough alone — and he can’t understand how anyone could be happy in this slow, small town. How can these two opposites learn to see the good in each other’s lives…and build a love that lasts?

For fans of cozy romance and small-town settings, Sunset in Catoctin Creek invites you to put your feet up, sip a comforting hot drink, and enjoy a satisfying happy-ever-after love story.

Discover a new romance series to love!

Sunset at the Catoctin Creek is the first book in the Catoctin Creek Small Town Romance series, from award-winning author Natalie Keller Reinert. These sweet romances celebrate the simple pleasures of small towns, nature preservation, farming traditions, and country life.

The Catoctin Creek Series

Book 1: Sunset at Catoctin Creek
Book 2: Snowfall at Catoctin Creek
Book 3: Springtime at Catoctin Creek 
Book 4: Christmas at Catoctin Creek
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