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Starting Colts

Starting Colts

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Author - Mike Kevil

Paperback - 167 pages

Size - 8 x 11 inches

Kevil gives the reader all that and more in this practical guide to mastering horse-training skills aimed at both the expert and novice horseman and -woman. His philosophy is simple: Stimulus-Response-Reward, then Repeat. You apply a stimulus until you get the desired response, then you stop the stimulus and reward the horse. In the pages of STARTING COLTS, Kevil offers readers an understanding of how to apply and cease the stimulus in the best and most humane way possible. He emphasizes safety and going slowly with young horses. Patience and a steady approach build confidence in both the horse and trainer. Chapters include facilities, equipment, catching and leading, tying up, longeing, sacking out, first saddling, introduction to the bit, driving, first ride, first thirty days, developing the mouth, thirty to ninety days, and trailer loading.

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