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Spurred To Justice Book 1 of 3: in the Spurred Series

Spurred To Justice Book 1 of 3: in the Spurred Series

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Author -  Alicia Stephens Martin

Jessica McCoy has spent the last two years pretending her husband's death was an accident. While her adopted daughter and nanny concoct a potion to help Jess find a new husband, Jess is called to rescue a sexy Australian horse-whisperer who is stranded near her Lancaster County farm because of a storm. Is it fate? Or did the girls' potion deliver him?  Meanwhile, FBI agent Sam Quaid is tracking an illegal adoption ring that leads him to the doorstep of his old flame, Jess McCoy. His investigation will uncover secrets that could rip Jess's world apart Sam must choose between his job, the safety of hundreds of helpless enslaved victims, and the woman he's always loved.  

Can the magical Australian save them?

Or will jealousy and hatred divide them forever?

Paperback 320 pages

Size 6 x 9 inches

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