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Spurred To Jealousy (Book 3 of 3: in the Spurred Series)

Spurred To Jealousy (Book 3 of 3: in the Spurred Series)

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Author: Alicia Stephens Martin 

Paperback - 275 pages
Size: 6x9 inches

Sam Quaid has been riding high for the past four years on Tunnel Hill Farm with the love of his life, Jessica McCoy, and her daughter Anna. The former FBI agent found peace and popularity in the small Lancaster County town of Seven Springs. He could not be feeling luckier now, awaiting his election as county sheriff, his anticipated wedding, and the adoption of a 14-year-old named Wyatt—all a week away.
Life’s perfection is magnified by the arrival of his best man, Jaxson Bay, the renowned horse whisperer, and family friend. Jax has returned for two reasons: the upcoming wedding and the Deadman’s Race, where he’ll partner with Anna in a challenging trail ride.
But in one stampeding episode, the family’s world is thrown into shambles when Jessica unearths a horrific animal cruelty case. The town becomes entangled in a web of jealousy that leads to mayhem and murder, directing the blame on Sam and his family.
Can the magical Australian and his team of horses restore the loving family to lives of “happily ever after,” or will the animal abuse scandal drive them apart forever?

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