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Six Ponies (Noel & Henry Series - Book #1)

Six Ponies (Noel & Henry Series - Book #1)

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Author: Josephine Pullein-Thompson, Anne Bullen (Illustrator)

Paperback - 300 pages

How I wish I were a better rider ... "

Noel has no self-confidence. John has a nasty temper. June’s mother thinks June is wonderful (and so does she). Evelyn thinks dressage is a waste of time. Her sister Hilary is not so sure, and Richard, well Richard is very good at hiding the truth from himself. The Pony Club is the despair of Major Holbrooke, its district commissioner.The Pony Club is presented with six New Forest ponies to break in. How they go about it, and the problems and triumphs they experience, are still just as entertaining and informative as when the book was published over 60 years ago.

Fully illustrated edition with all the beautiful original illustrations by Anne Bullen.
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