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Rings of Fire: Book IV of The Dressage Chronicles

Rings of Fire: Book IV of The Dressage Chronicles

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by Karen McGoldrick

Book 4 of 4: The Dressage Chronicles

When it comes to fear, horses and humans are not so different; emotions can overtake reason. The rubber snake might as well be a real snake -- the nightmare reality -- when they elicit the same response. Blind fear will make both horse and rider try to outrun lions, even when those lions are made of paper. Blind fear can send you straight over a cliff, and even if you manage to pull up before the edge, that is no way to live life.

It is only through training, training, and more training, and then testing that training, that you learn to turn and face fear, find courage, and welcome the ride, wild though it promises to be.

These are the rings of fire, the trials that lie ahead for all of us, whether they be taking command of a spooky horse or navigating more human problems. Once trained, with worthy companions marching with you, shoulder-to-shoulder, you are ready for
the ride.

Paperback: 414 pages
Size: 6 x 9 inches

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