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Right Girl For The Job (Book 3 of The Dressage Chronicles)

Right Girl For The Job (Book 3 of The Dressage Chronicles)

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by Karen McGoldrick

Book 3 of 4: The Dressage Chronicles

Margot tells Lizzy that nothing in life is ever really settled, not until they "pack the earth over your grave, darling."

And of course, as usual, Margot is right.

Although Lizzy is living her dream at Equus Paradiso Farm, there is no guarantee that her future is settled. She is terrified to think that despite her hard work, despite her commitment and desire, her efforts may not be enough.

Regardless of the shifting sands beneath her feet, Lizzy still has a job to do. It is a job with growing responsibilities, without regular hours, without weekends off, that pays almost nothing and beats her up physically and mentally.

And while success is not guaranteed, failure in part or whole appears to be.

Maybe she is foolish with her rainbow and unicorn thinking; maybe the naysayers were right all along and reality is coming to kick her in the rear and eject her out of paradise and back out into the ordinary world.

Not all good deeds are rewarded, or efforts even appreciated as the territory of her daily routine gets trickier to navigate.

Life is not fair. But giving up before the battle is finished is not an option.

Though she'll be tested, though she'll know doubt and failure, she will come to discover that she is indeed the right girl for the job.

Paperback:462 pages
Size:  6 x 9 inches

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