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Red on the Right (The Impelled Series #3)

Red on the Right (The Impelled Series #3)

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Author: Sarah Welk Baynum 

Paperback: 206 pages
Size: 6 x 9 inches

Emma Walker is once again faced with a life altering decision.

This time though, it feels like an impossible choice. No matter what choice she makes, someone is bound to get hurt. Including herself. Living with aftermath of that decision will be harder than she expected.

Ocala and Wellington are reeling from the aftermath of professional horse thieves that have been taking its show horses, and so far, the police have no leads. With each horse that disappears, tension grows higher.

Then, when an eventing trial doesn’t go the way she planned, Emma wonders if she will ever recover mentally and physically. Although, it seems there may be a bright spot: a chance to reconnect with the one person Emma wasn’t sure she would ever be able to make amends with. Unless those amends have a shelf life, that is.

With horse thieves still on the loose and the possibility of permanently losing the person she cares about most, the stakes will be higher for Emma than they’ve ever been.

In this final book in the Impelled series (telling Emma’s story), will Emma finally get everything she’s always wanted?

A Clean Equestrian Fiction & Romantic Suspense Novel Series with no sexual content or foul language. Suitable for young adults and adults. This series is intended to be read sequentially.

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