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Racinet Explains Baucher

Racinet Explains Baucher

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Excellent introduction to the philosophy, method, and procedures of Baucherism, or the French tradition of "riding in lightness" that Baucher developed in the 19th century. Includes a translation of Baucher's "second manner." Jean-Claude Racinet wrote a few articles in the magazine Dressage and CT in 1992-3 on Baucher and his equitation. This series, with some necessary editing for cohesion, has been brought together to create this book. Two appendices were added; the first one deals with the validity of Baucherism, in light of the last discoveries of "equine osteopathy," as exposed by Dr. Dominique Giniaux of France; the second is a translation of the very last part of the 12th edition of Baucher's Methode d'Equitation, dealing with his second "manner." This text has probably never been translated into English, and is of utmost importance. The riders who will endeavor to apply by the letter the progression described by Baucher in this text will, to their surprise, probably accede to a new and higher level of equestrian knowledge.

Paperback: 216 pages
Size: 6 x 9 inches


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