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Private Mom

Private Mom

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Author:  Alicia Stephens Martin 
Paperback - 244 pages
Size: 6x9 inches

Ava already lost the love of her life to the Army. She can’t live without her daughter, too.

Hairstylist Ava Kennedy promised never to fall in love again. For twelve years after her husband’s death, she focused only on their daughter Rhya, with the help of her quirky beauty shop clients and Jeffery, her gay assistant. Rhya, on the other hand, loathes everything connected to her helicoptering mother. Instead the high school senior rides horses in camo pants, loves muddy boots, and dreams of earning an ROTC scholarship to Jefferson Washington Military College where she can finally get away from the woman her fellow cadets affectionately call “Private Mom.”

When a two-star general rolls into town and recruits Rhya, Ava hates him immediately, but finds herself falling head over heels—literally, in her Cinderella stilettos!

Filled with humor, horses, and havoc. A fun read in trying times!

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