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Pony Surprise

Pony Surprise

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Author: Patricia Leitch 

Paperback - 168 pages

It was not the first time that Augustus had met children who stared at him with a gymkhana look in their eyes. In his long life Augustus had often had to deal with such children. He knew that the best place for a pony was standing in its own little field grazing and one of the worst places for a pony was dashing madly round at gymkhanas. In his well-ordered life Augustus had seldom allowed this to happen to him.

Penny and Ewan cannot believe their eyes. They have resigned themselves to a pony-less summer, but there is a pony in their neighbour's field. A real, live pony. Augustus is a Highland pony who has come to stay with Miss Frobisher for the summer. And Augustus needs looking after, and riding. It is a dream come true.

It is not a dream that Augustus has any interest in, however . He has his own ideas of what a summer should involve for a pony, and it does not involve schooling or the Pony Club.

Can Penny and Ewan persuade Augustus that he can become the perfect Pony Club pony?

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