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Navicular Syndrome

Navicular Syndrome

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Author:  Jamie Jackson,

Binding: Paperback

Size: 8.5" x 11"  54 pages

"Navicular" is a serious lameness affecting countless horses worldwide, with many going to early deaths as a result. But what is navicular? I am no stranger to it, having observed it first hand as a farrier and later as America's first Natural Hoof Care Practitioner (NHCP). It's not what everyone thinks it is. And that's why horses continue to suffer from it. This book takes you through the complexities of navicular, replacing myths with facts. My mission is to steer horse owners away from practices that inevitably lead to navicular in their horses. Education and the 4 Pillars of NHC are the key to prevention and healing.


Introduction: The Wild Horse Model 
1 What Causes Navicular? 
2 Paddock Paradise: A Healing Field 
3 A Reasonably Natural Diet 
4 Natural Horsemanship 
5 The Natural Trim 
6 Examining Your Horse For Navicular 
Concluding Thoughts 
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Jamie Jackson Bio:
My career as a professional hoofman spans over 45 years, first as a farrier, later as America's first Natural Hoof Care Practitioner (NHCP). America's wild, free-roaming horses provided me with incredibly important information to share with others through my books, articles, speaking engagements, and training clinics.
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