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Lessons From A Desporado Poet

Lessons From A Desporado Poet

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Author  Baxter Black

118 tips from America's Cowboy Poet on how to carve a living out of thin air and live with yourself while you do it

 “Probably the nation’s most successful living poet.”
—New York Times

Part memoir, part how-to, all Baxter Black, Lessons from a Desperado Poet is a humorous, witty take on making a living by doing the right thing and trying everything. According to Baxter Black, success “does not require a genius; it just requires the persistence of a glacier. Remember, often it’s not ability that gets you ahead, it’s reliability. The world is run by those who show up.”

 A mind-tickling romp through the formation, fermentation, and fruition of the author’s career as a poet in a country where publishing poetry is “practically illegal,” Lessons from a Desperado Poet boldly injects a poem now and again when it is relevant, just to prove a point! It’s instructional for the entrepreneur, inspirational for the ambitious, and entertaining for the teeming masses.

 Since it is also a story of continuously overcoming the odds, Lessons from a Desperado Poet leaves a trail of self-improvement and motivational tortilla crumbs that readers will follow with delight—before, that is, squirreling them away in their own cerebral pockets for later use.

Hardcover 232 pages
Size 6 x  8.75 inches

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