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Lesson Plan for Intermediate Riders

Lesson Plan for Intermediate Riders

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Author - Lyndsi Pratt

Softcover 138 pages
Size - 8.5 x 11 inches

This book was designed to make lesson planning easy for riding instructors teaching intermediate students who know the basics of walk, trot, canter, and horse handling and are ready to expand their skills and knowledge. This book includes patterns for showmanship, equitation, horsemanship, trail/obstacle, and ranch riding.

Educational worksheets and diagrams are great for teaching off the horse and for rainy day lessons. Topics include foundational knowledge about riding safety, horse breeds, riding disciplines, bits, rider position, horse health, and more! Easy to read diagrams and matching worksheets will help your students learn horse parts, tack types, and much more.

A wonderful resource for riding instructors and equestrian students!

This lesson plan includes:

-5 Int. Showmanship Patterns
-5 Int. Equitation Patterns
-5 Int. Horsemanship Patterns
-3 Int. Trail Patterns
-3 Ranch Riding Patterns

-Parts of the Horse, Hoof (multiple views), & Skeleton
-Saddle Types
-Riding Disciplines
-Horse Breed Identification
-Horse Bits (English & Western)
-Horse Ailments

Diagrams + Answer Keys
-Horse Breed Origins & Descriptions for 27 Breeds
-Riding Disciplines Origins & Descriptions for 24 Types of Riding
-Quick Release Knots
-Bucking, Bolting, Rearing & Emergency Dismounts
-Rider Position (English, Jumping, & Western)
-Equine Vital Signs
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