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Legends, Volume 5: Outstanding Quarter Horse Stallions and Mares

Legends, Volume 5: Outstanding Quarter Horse Stallions and Mares

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by Alan Gold (Author), Sally Harrison (Author), Frank Holmes (Author), Ty Wyant (Author)

Paperback: 8 x 11 inches, 248 pages

Legends, Volume 5 profiles 18 outstanding Quarter Horse stallions and mares who have had a significant impact on the breed. This volume features 16 stallions and 2 mares, and starts with Little Joe, who predated the formation of the American Quarter Horse Association, but whose influence on the breed continued for years after his death.

This volume is the largest in the Legends series with 248 pages and about 300 photographs, some of which have rarely been seen. As with previous volumes, each horse's story includes a four-generation pedigree, a summary of his/her show and/or race record, a sire or production record, and many photographs.

Featured Horses in Volume 5:
    1. Little Joe
    2. Joe Moore
    3. Monita
    4. Bill Cody
    5. Joe Cody
    6. Topsail Cody
    7. Pretty Buck
    8. Pat Star Jr.
    9. Skipa Star
    10. Hank H
    11. Chubby
    12. Bartender
    13. Leo San
    14. Custus Rastus (TB)
    15. Jaguar
    16. Jackie Bee
    17. Chicado V
    18. Mr Bar None
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