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Lauren's Story (Book 3 of The Travels of Dr. Rebecca Harper)

Lauren's Story (Book 3 of The Travels of Dr. Rebecca Harper)

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Author: Elizabeth Woolsey 

Paperback 348 pages
Size 5.06 x 7.81 inches

“I’m a vet! Sound familiar?
Dr. Lauren Harper recently graduated from veterinary school—no surprises here. Her father is a vet, as was her long-deceased mother, Dr. Rebecca Harper. Lauren’s mom was killed in a landslide when Lauren was only three years old. On Lauren’s first day home from college, she discovers a story written by her grandfather about his life, including his attempts to find Lauren’s mother after the accident. Lauren learned to ride while accompanying her grandfather in his fruitless search for his daughter.
Lauren’s on her way to join her fiancé in Texas, but all is not as it seems. Revelations cause her to reevaluate her plans—recalculating route! Lauren’s life takes a turn that will find her in Nevada and close to the area where her mother disappeared over twenty years ago. She hopes to practice equine veterinary medicine and do a bit of sleuthing about her mother’s mysterious disappearance. What could go wrong?
Lauren’s modern-day adventures rival her mother’s. Will she stay in her current position, or will she seek a life that gives her security that any recent graduate would relish?
This is once again an mixture of veterinary stories, adventure and love. But does it end Happily ever after? You be the judge.

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