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Jump The Moon

Jump The Moon

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Author: Kathy Simmers
Illustrator: Marjorie VanHeerden 

Hardcover 32 pages

Jump the Moon is the true story of trusting your heart and following your dreams. Written for ages 4 and up, this book will delight horse lovers of any age.

Ponies were always coming and going at the barn, that was nothing new, but as summer begins the girl with the long blonde hair notices something about the newest pony to arrive that she can’t quite put her finger on. This pony is ordinary, ugly even and on top of that, she is mean. But the girl doesn’t seem to care, she is drawn to her and determined to earn the pony’s trust. Over the course of the summer, the pair develop an incredible bond. But, tragically, as summer ends the two are separated. Readers will eagerly turn the pages to find out if the girl and the pony will ever see each other again. The beautiful illustrations throughout this picture book bring to life an emotional journey that will make readers of all ages cry, smile, and cheer as it reminds us all to follow our dreams.
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