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Impulsion: An Equestrian Romantic Suspense Series (The Impelled Series Book 2)

Impulsion: An Equestrian Romantic Suspense Series (The Impelled Series Book 2)

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Author: Sarah Welk Baynum 

Paperback 283 pages
Size  6 x 9 inches

Book Two in the "Impelled" Series:

The night of the Million Dollar Grand Prix and Twin Oaks Farm’s end of season party was a night that would change Emma’s life forever – in more ways than one.

As her working student position comes to an end, she once again has to make a decision about her future. A decision that just become more complicated because of an unexpected job offer from someone close to her. While this offer seems like it might be the opportunity of a lifetime, it comes with repercussions that mean more change; one of which will affect her current relationship.

Emma and her horse Valentine are also making their debut into the world of eventing, and its proving to have its ups and downs as they begin competing.

However, right as Emma thinks things are finally going well in her relationship, something happens that makes her re-think everything. Something that forces her to keep a secret that will take its toll on her the more time goes on.

When the secret finally comes out, it will destroy everything in its path.

Not that Emma has time to deal with it, because she is suddenly faced with a much bigger problem.
When the life of someone she loves is put in danger, and with the threat of “no cops” hanging over her head, Emma is now the only one who can save her friend.

However, this is only the beginning of the decisions and complications life is about to throw Emma...

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