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Good Things Come Series: Books 4-6

Good Things Come Series: Books 4-6

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by Linda Shantz 

This Collection Includes:

This Good Thing (Good Things Come Book 4)
Merry Little Things (Good Things Come Book 5)
All The Best Things (Good Things Come Book 6) 

If you love accurate, well-written horse racing fiction, with equine and human characters you'll come to think of as friends and family, you’ve found your next favorite series! Set in the world of Canadian horse racing, travel from Canada's foremost track, Woodbine, to the world's top racing venues, including Gulfstream and Meydan, Dubai.
Set in the high-stakes world of horse racing, the Good Things Come series mixes together hope, heartbreak and romance, a dash of rivalry, and a great deal of excitement!

Tackling the sport of kings from the other side — the people who give their hearts and souls to the horses — it follows the loves and lives of a group of friends trying to find balance amid the highs and lows of their demanding careers.

Book 4: This Good Thing

If the sum total of Liv Lachance's self-worth is the collection of all the things she's done, she's coming up short. She decides it's time to throw herself back into her career as a jockey, even if her impending marriage to fellow rider Nate Miller incites conflict of interest rumblings. But life has other ideas for Liv when a death in the family and illness in the Triple Stripe ranks turn everything upside-down, and she's finally faced with learning that her greatest accomplishments are about so much more than winning races.

Book 5: Merry Little Things

A parallel, holiday-themed story to This Good Thing, (Good Things Come Book 4). If Emilie Lachance keeps herself busy enough, she'll never have to admit she's afraid of her own company. She has the family farm to oversee, hours to fulfil for an internship, horses to school and a friend with a busy café to help. But when she takes on one too many things she's totally overwhelmed — until friends come to the rescue, and she learns she's not as alone as she thinks she is.

Book 6: All The Best Things

Everyone expected Emilie and Tim to end up together. Except when she met Tim at Liv and Nate’s wedding, he was basically rude, then after messaging her at Christmas, he ghosted her. So when Nate invites Tim to the farm to rehabilitate from an injury, Emilie’s determined not to give him a third chance. But when Tim starts showing up where — and in ways — she doesn't expect, she starts to believe Tim could be her happily ever after, after all.

Paperback: 668 pages
Size: 6 x 9 inches

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