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Golden Horse - Samantha Steele Mystery No. 3

Golden Horse - Samantha Steele Mystery No. 3

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Author: Sandra J. Howell

Samantha Steele is scooped up in a dangerous fiasco when she volunteers to rescue a palomino mare found running loose on the road next to the state forest. While she and her husband Denver wait for the owner to claim the mare, unbeknownst to them, a confrontation between two alleged conmen is set in motion that places them in grave danger. Parker Thomas is a man with many secrets. The owner of Saddleback Quarter Horses, he had partnered with a childhood buddy wanted by the Feds. The scam to move money from his employer's portfolio accounts into an offshore banking account was perfect until everything fell apart when his favorite mare Magic went missing. Searching for the million dollar horse creates distrust between Parker and his greedy partner and the race to find Magic drives them headlong down a path that leads directly to Samantha's farm.

 Softcover 274 pages

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