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Getting Along with Horses

Getting Along with Horses

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Author:  Crissi McDonald

Binding: Paperback

 Size: 5.24" x 8" 200 pages

Getting Along with Horses: An Evolution in Understanding

In Getting Along with Horses: An Evolution in Understanding, you will be challenged to reframe commonly held beliefs about the most effective ways to interact with your horse. 

Seeing horses for who and what they are is key to cooperative and positive interactions. Instead of relying on antiquated practices or outdated information, you will discover ways to educate yourself and shift your understanding to the horse's point of view.

Horses are hardwired to get along. In this book, you will find ideas that will help you to also get along with them.

Crissi McDonald,  is a trainer and a Certified Masterson Method equine bodyworker,  travels with her husband, Mark Rashid, offering clinics nationally and internationally.

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