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Flying Dismount: Grabbing Mane Series- Book 2

Flying Dismount: Grabbing Mane Series- Book 2

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Author: Natalie Keller Reinert

Size: 5.25 x 8 inches 314 pages

Starting over was the hard part...right?
When Casey started riding again, she thought she'd nailed the tough part. That was before she tried starting over at a new farm, with a new job, in a new city. Casey's horse, James, seems happy enough at Twin Palms Ranch. And Casey's boyfriend, Brandon, is loving his dream job saving the ocean. Casey knows she should love her job marketing for a growing horse show organization. If only she had known how fast they'd be growing!

Suddenly, her weekends are full of flights to distant cities instead of hanging out with James. She doesn't seem to know anyone at her new barn. And Brandon -- is Brandon wearing cowboy boots? 

Casey thought she could have it all. Now, she can barely keep up. Can a working girl be a horse show girl, too?

For everyone who fell in love with Casey and James in the smash hit Grabbing Mane, welcome back to the coastal Florida of beachfront brunches, long trail rides through the sawgrass, and stormy afternoons listening to rain drumming down on the metal barn roof. For every equestrian who has ever tried to balance work and horses, and for every adult who has tried to hang onto a hobby, Flying Dismount is a relatable romp through the tangle of responsibilities and fun we call life.

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