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Equine Empowerment: A Guide To Positive Reinforcement Training

Equine Empowerment: A Guide To Positive Reinforcement Training

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Author: Jessica Gonzalez

Binding: Paperback

Size: 7" x 10"  230 pages

Science based training is not just a way of modifying behavior, but an entire way of living with animals. A solid understanding of our species' natural history helps us best meet their needs and bring out their fullest potential. With an understanding of learning theory and behavioral science we can really begin to influence our companion's choices in the kindest way possible. Positive Reinforcement techniques allow us to develop a strong bond based on mutual understanding, empathy, and compassion. With the help of ethology, biology, and neuroscience, we can better understand how our horses think and feel. Using all this objective, science-based information, as well as our desire to be kinder to horses, we can reshape the horse-human connection.

This book dives deep into the sciences behind how horses behave, learn, and feel with many custom designed charts and diagrams for visual learners to enjoy. There are over 70 instructional worksheets for you to apply this information to real life situations and individual equines. In these, we've detailed how to train a wide variety of ground and mounted behaviors as well as how to address emotional and behavioral problems.

Table of Contents:
Section 1: Ethology
Section 2: Equine Essentials
Section 3: Behavioral Science
Section 4: Getting Started
Section 5: Body Awareness
Section 6: Emotional Empowerment
Section 7: Emotional Troubles
Section 8: Equestrian Ethics
Section 9: Overcoming FEAR
Section 10: Empowered Equines
Section 11: Handling RAGE
Section 12: Aversives in Training
Section 13: Riding
Section 14: Building a Positive Lifestyle

Jessica  Gonzalez, Bio: 
Jessica owns and runs a non-profit equine rescue and educational program, Empowered Equines. This rescue and educational program utilizes behavioral science to train and rehabilitate these rescued animals, particularly positive reinforcement. Jessica also runs an online resource for people to learn about the use of positive reinforcement with equines, Empowered Equestrians.
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