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The Horses Unite: Origins of The Horses Know Trilogy

The Horses Unite: Origins of The Horses Know Trilogy

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Author:  Lynn Mann

Seventh novel in The Horses Know series,

When FE88 qualifies as an enforcer of The City Of Power’s rules, her life becomes marginally more secure, not least because she has the love and support of a member of the city’s underground resistance to help her stay sane.

But then she discovers that the only light in her otherwise dark existence will be assigned to her as her next kill. She resolves to resist the regime that gives her no choice but to obey, and save the life that is hers to take – but is shocked to learn that it is her own life that must be preserved at all costs. Without her, the future of both enforcers and humans is uncertain. Even with her, it isn’t guaranteed, for her hatred of human nature runs deep.

When the city falls, it is a horse who proves to be the two races’ best chance of co-existing. If he can succeed, the pathway laid down by the horses of the past will remain open. But some tasks are too great for one horse alone…

Paperback: 314 pages

Size: 6 x 9 inches


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