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Catch and Release (Horse Doctor Adventures Book 1)

Catch and Release (Horse Doctor Adventures Book 1)

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Author Elizabeth Woolsey 

Paperback   330 pages
Size 5.06  x 7.81 inches

Dr. Maggie Kincaid was changing her life. No more all-nighters and long workdays in a potentially dangerous occupation. She moved across the Pacific Ocean, leaving family and friends to assume the quiet life of a writer. Maggie traded her veterinary clinic for a log cabin on a remote property in the mountains with a trout stream that wove through her meadow into the forest. She planned to fish for trout, write novels, and ride ‘old lady broke to death’ horses.
Property deed in hand, a personal fishing guide, and a contract with a publishing company assured Maggie she’d scored an early birth in heaven.
Who among the locals would become her trusted friends? Who was the muted boy who came to help her? Learning of the longstanding tragic history of the property did not dissuade her optimism, but would she withstand what was to come?

Catch and Release is the first book in a series about Dr. Maggie Kincaid’s adventure into retirement.

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