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Bright, Broken Things: A Horse Racing Novella (Good Things Come - Prequel)

Bright, Broken Things: A Horse Racing Novella (Good Things Come - Prequel)

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by Linda Shantz

Book 1 of 8: Good Things Come

Welcome to the world of Good Things Come, in the heart of Canadian Thoroughbred horse country…
He’s racing cross-country, looking for a safe place to land.

She’s dreading a future that was never her choice.

They both want the same thing: to leave the past behind.

September means school, but this year, Nate’s not going back. He’s heading east, and while everyone at home thinks he’s pursuing a career as a jockey, he’s really just running away.

After always being a student, he lands a job as a teacher — of young Thoroughbreds, starting yearlings on a small but classy farm in Ontario. It’s the perfect place to hide, until a jockey’s agent comes along promising to give him everything he thought he ever wanted. He’ll have to choose between honoring his commitment to the farm and a fast track to the career of his dreams.

Liv likes the new guy she hired to start the babies, but she kind of hates him too. He’s doing what she wants to do herself — dropping out to chase a future on the front lines of horse racing. She wishes she could be content, accepting the path vet school has firmly set her on. But a filly named Claire has captured her heart and ignited her real passion: riding racehorses. But does everyone get to follow their heart?

Meanwhile, a cherished mare on the farm carries a foal that will change both their lives and remind them… good things come to those who wait.

NOW WITH A GLOSSARY OF HORSE RACING TERMS! For those not familiar with this world (such as, reins are commonly called "lines.")

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Paperback: 218 pages
Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

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